Voltasol on MID 2014: ideas, entrepreneurship and business

MID Barcelona Voltasol livingthings

BCD received 240 proposals for participation that were reviewed by a group of experts related to entrepreneurship, business, design, culture and finance.

After a jury session, the experts selected the 20 participants of the edition at the Santa Monica Arts Center, 11 of them under the category of "creative idea" and whose interest of participation in the MID was focused on finding companies interested in buying and/or finance the exploitation rights, and 9 under the category of "creative company" that pursued attracting investors willing to provide capital for the creation or expansion of the company.

The program also included a physical exhibition of the projects that will be available until november 27 at the Design HUB Barcelona. Titled "From idea to business" the finalist projects were exposed and there was the opportunity to get to know the creative talent of the participants.

Our congratulations to all the participants, specially to Studio BAG Disseny team!!