Voltasol Large

Voltasol Large


Large :  Ø280 mm x h290 mm

Called Voltasol because have the gift of mobility.

Dance with the sun,
sway in a breeze,
move at yout on,
grow at will ..

The production of Voltasol’s collection is artisanal.
Optional with no holes on bottom to be used indoor with a water treatment.
Designed by BAG Disseny STUDIO.

Indoor / Outdoor:
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The flowerpot has a semi-conical base that avoids the static nature of conventional pots, thereby creating a slight movement that can either be generated spontaneously or else be induced at will. The simple movement is created on the axis of the pot. Potted plants are apparently static, so why not provide them with movement to enable them to follow the path of the sun, to sway in a breeze or grow at will?These ideas led us to a new flowerpot, VoltaSol, a tilted pot that facilitates the movement of the plant and stimulates its growth.
Designed by Studio BAG Disseny

La maceta presenta una base semi-cónica que evita el estado estático habitual de la maceta convencional, y por lo tanto, provoca un cierto movimiento. Éste movimiento se puede producir de forma espontánea, o se puede inducir a voluntad. La sencillez del movimiento se produce sobre el mismo eje de la maceta. Las plantas en macetas convencionales presentan un estado aparentemente estático, por que no dotarlas de la posibilidad de seguir el movimiento del sol, o de danzar con el viento o crecer a voluntad? Esta idea nos condujo a Voltasol, una maceta que facilita el movimiento de la planta y estimula su crecimiento.
Diseñado por Studio BAG Disseny

Voltasol B/W