much more than things

Livingthings is a publishing house of products for home and his environment. Objects, which for his materials and productive methods, manage to be lasting, pure and ecological. Time behind the objects were a valued, lasting and alive good, which was reflecting the relation of the persons with objects, and so they were speaking about his owners.

Livingthings is born of the feeling / need to recover this relation with objects. A personal need, but also social, economic and environmental. All livingthings editions are made in Girona. We aspire to arouse emotions, to encourage and suggest, trigger sensations, elicit feelings, reflections and smiles. And we hope do so through objects that are endearing because they exude the thrill of their creation, pieces that have an inspiring quality and that, like everything created with care and respect, convey the radiance of attention.

livingthings that take cares of their things.

The publishing house starts on December 2014 as a new adventure of BAG.Disseny studio. Our firsts steps are thanks to Voltasol's pot presented in " Girona, Temps de Flors 2014 ", with a great reception, and simultaneously, provoking the look it commits an outrage of spectators:  " .. rolling pots!?!  .. ".

awards and nominations


- Winner IDA Design Awards Silver 2018

- Finalist NYCxDESIGN Awards at MoMA NYC 2017

- Winner European Product Design Award 2017

- Nominee German Design Award 2016

- Delta Finalist ADI Award 2016

- Shortlisted Cactus Award 2016

- Winner Reddot Award 2015

- Winner World Interior News Award 2015